HeadlinesSunday Cricket – A message from the Chairman

Sunday Cricket – A message from the Chairman

There has been much discussion, before the season and in the last two weeks, about the Sunday side.  We rather foresaw that there would be a problem raising a team in the early-part of the season due to Marcus and other Sunday regulars being away at uni but it has been far worse than anticipated.  Perhaps the Shield Premier Division is too competitive or too high a standard and this puts some people off, or the pressure on young people to achieve high exam grades has meant they are opting to spend more time revising.  Whatever the reason, it seems that players are very reluctant to commit to two games a weekend – at the moment.  Even the U15 players don't seem to want to play – perhaps they get enough cricket.  We play for pleasure of course and nobody can be forced to play but we are committed to compete in the Shield Premier this season, owe it to our opponents to fulfil fixtures and it reflects very badly on the club if we have to call off due to shortage of players when we have one of the biggest set-ups in the County!

Nevertheless it looks very likely that we will have to do this, this Sunday.  While Marcus is trying his best (from Hull) to get a side he is understandably frustrated (especially when people don't reply to his texts).

While many people have a view on the Sunday situation I don't think the website is the best place to air it.  A more private forum, like a group email, might be better.  I have spoken to Marcus and we have agreed there will be no more posts on the website about this.  If people don't want to play, they don't want to play!  It's as simple as that.  There are always those, like myself or Daryl, who feel under pressure to help out rather than concede a game but there's no reason why we should.  We've done lots of helping out in the past and today's Sunday side is not designed for us.  If we can't raise a team by tomorrow we will have to call off and take any punishment that comes – a 10-point deduction!

While the future of Sunday cricket at Great Melton will require serious discussion before next season, let's not let the problems of the last fortnight cloud what has been a great start.  The 4 senior sides have suffered only one defeat between them and the juniors have won 9 out of 11 matches while attendances at Friday coaching continue to creep towards 100!

I'm sure the Sunday problem will resolve itself once we get to mid-June and the end of the exam season but, in the meantime, if anyone out there can help us out on Sunday at Stow, please contact me or Marcus tonight (Thursday).


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