Numbers at our Friday junior coaching sessions this year have been consistently in excess of 90.  Last week we had 107 and yesterday, despite it being the start of half-term, there were 88 (plus 11 U13s who were playing in a match).  The U9s (Fundamentals) group now has 40 members fully paid up for the season and 52 registered members which has meant that we have reluctantly had to say no to any new U9s.  Space constraints and ECB regulations regarding adult/child ratios has led us to this decision.  It has meant we have had to disappoint a few youngsters (and parents) who have arrived at Melton Park on the last two Fridays expecting to join and we’re really sorry about that.

This situation only affects the U9s group currently and we are still accepting new members in the U11s, U13s, Girls (Fridays) and U15s (Tuesdays) groups.  As we are now in week 6 of the season it is always advisable to email the club in advance (see ‘Contacts’ page) to gauge the current situation regarding new memberships.

We are really sorry for any potential new U9 who has been turned away in recent weeks but the situation is ever-changing.  A few youngsters who initially register drop out after a session or two enabling us to take on new members.  Please add your name to the waiting list and we’ll inform you if a vacancy arises.

We are delighted that our Junior Coaching sessions are so popular and are very grateful to our fantastic team of coaches and helpers but we have reached a position where we simply can’t say ‘yes’ to everyone.

Steve Phoenix

(Chairman & Junior Development Officer)

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