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Great Melton Tour 2015

Ladies & Gentlemen,


Many of you have heard me over the past few weeks stating that I wish to start taking deposits for the 2015 tour. Whilst this may seem a touch early, in recent years we have had a real issue collecting money from people or people not making a full commitment.


The idea with my asking now is that you have plenty of time to save for the actual tour costs and your spending money while we are on tour. The tour dates will be again on the Whitsun bank holiday (24th, 25th & 26th May) and given the recent match against Reed CC, they have said they would be keen to host us. This means that the tour would be to the Royston area which is just as close as the originally proposed Essex.


The key thing for this is a deposit. All I am looking to take is £50 off people and aiming to have ALL of the deposits collected by the first winter net in February. This gives everyone 5 PAYDAYS between now and then. I am happy to take £10 a month for those who cannot pay the full £50 upfront or £25 over two months etc. etc. If you want to pay more than the £50 then please do so as this will leave you to pay less later and the deposit will be refundable if this doesn’t happen.


Once all of the deposits have been received I will then be able to firm up on the remaining costs, however based on last years figures, if we have the minimum of 14 people the total was around £120 (£70 on top of your deposit) which included coaches whilst away (nobody having to drive), accommodation and a tour shirt.


The more people we get the cheaper is becomes and the better we can make it. I will be looking to get two fixtures and then perhaps either a round of golf on the way back or the usual, infact legendary, game of football on a local park, or both!


So far I have received money from Nick Mackenzie and me. I am happy for people to pay me cash and I will deliver it to Grenville or by cheque or direct into the clubs bank account. Whatever method people choose to pay by, all I ask is that they let me know so that I can keep a track of all payments made.


We haven’t had a good club tour in a number of years and for those who have been will agree that it is a good time and one that I want to happen in the 2015 season.


Please can people reply to this email with their intentions on whether they wish to come and when they think that they will pay their deposit by. I will continue to chase throughout the winter. If there is anybody that is not on the mailing list, please pass this onto them and give me the email addresses so that I can chase them up. Finally, Chef, if you could post this onto the website so that there is more exposure that would be great!



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