A plea from the Fundraising committee….

Our Beer Festival doesn’t run unless we have sold tickets, as without you people, there is nobody to sell our beer too. Posters have been down at the pavilion for sometime and tickets have been with all four Saturday skippers for weeks.

Whilst I appreciate most people who say they are going to come along on the Saturday and ‘I will buy a ticket’ will actually do just that, its not conducive to us organising it to make sure that we have enough people to make it a successful event!

Therefore we are asking people who wish to come to the beer festival, make a commitment, be it at nets tomorrow or this weekend to buy a ticket. Even if you might want 10 tickets for friends and family members to come along and join us (which we actively encourage) please just start purchasing them without delay so that we can finalise all of the plans that go into organising this fantastic event! We can always sell you more if you then get money from other people wanting to come.


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