B Team ReportsAslam and Joey share the Plaudits

Aslam and Joey share the Plaudits

Great Melton B (24 points) beat Gillingham (9 points) by 7 runs at Town Close in the Norfolk League Division 2E

‘Welcome to Town Close on a gloriously sunny day.’ ‘Dare I even suggest it’s hot?’. ‘You can my dear old thing.’ ‘There’s a small but attentive crowd, sitting quietly in expectation’
‘So, stand-in captain Steve Clarke has won the toss for the home side and elected to bat’ ‘A rather stocky Connor Stearman joins him at the crease to face the new ball, looking not too dissimilar to an Uzbekistan Weight lifter.’ ‘There is no medal for him though as he misses a straight one from Morgan Rusted’

‘Jordan Barber picks up; he throws at the stumps, and Steve Clarke is short’ ‘A rare run out from the opener, that.’ ‘Oh, first ball four from Jon Moxon.’ ‘That’s a Gower, or Gaar in Norfolk speak’ ‘Oh dear though, he’s gone two balls later.’ ‘Joe Greenslade is going well’. ‘Eusha has been unable to repeat last week’s efforts; that was a good catch by Rusted.’

‘There have been no cakes this afternoon, but we have been served up steaming mugs of tea by Mrs Fawad and her delightful daughter. ‘Do you think they can they do teas every week? We do not normally get this service.’

‘So can Aslam hit the heights?’ ‘He should have gone first ball there, dropped by the boundary’ ‘It went fairly high, but the fielder never looked comfortable’
‘Joey scampers through for a single. He was stuck on 49 for a little while, and thoroughly deserves to raise his bat in acknowledgement of the applause.’ ‘That was an important knock, and he did not find it easy’  ‘Rusted into bowl, and Aslam has gone. Another brisk 40. Will it be enough for the team?’ ‘Neal Clarke is undone, looking to force the ball onto the leg-side, and Melton lose their 8th wicket’ ‘192 all out. 200 always sounds better, but it will be something to defend.’

‘Great straight ball from Kyle Mason, and for me that is hitting middle and leg half way up.’ ‘No reviews, and no need to review, that’s out.’ ‘Superb pick up and throw from Joey and Hoyle goes without scoring’ ‘That was poor running having just lost a wicket. 16 for 2. 192 looks a long way away.’

‘Eusha made that look really comfortable, despite peering into the sun’. ’Yet another victim for de Salis, his 660th for Melton’. ‘Oh, that’s impressive.’ ‘There is more flight and guile than a Kite floating on a gentle sea breeze these days, but he can still be effective on occasions’.’That was an important wicket for Melton as the partnership was looking strong’
‘150 up for the visitors who are making light work of the chase. Inspiration required from the fielding side’ ‘Ben Patrick has made a very good 50 there’  ‘Patrick goes down with cramp for a 3rd time, and Darren Fowles comes out as a runner. Anything could happen here.’ ‘A direct hit is what, and Fowles was short.’

‘That was quick from Aslam, Jordan Barber is cut in half, and the bails are flying’ ‘That was almost a no ball, but hit the stumps direct.’ ‘Just 2 short of his own half century, and the chase is stumbling.’  ‘168 for 5, 27 needed off 6 overs. The game is evenly poised.’ ‘De Salis is changing ends. Is this the last throw of the dice?’ ‘He has gone for a few in the last couple, but who knows.’  ‘The slower one has done for Fowles, and Joey has a stumping to add to his haul for the day’. ‘174 for 6., 5 overs left.’ ‘ Another full straight one from Aslam, and Le Versha is skittled.’ ‘He certainly gets the Yorkers right at the end of an innings.’

‘8 needed off the last over. Can Gillingham pull off an unexpected victory?’ ‘The shadows have nearly crossed the outfield, and it’s getting murky.’ ‘It is nearly 8.20. We really should have finished sometime ago.’  ‘It’s Aslam again and that’s another 3fer’ ‘Smith could do nothing to keep that out.’ ‘ Gillingham end 7 runs short. That was a cracking game.’

Leo deSalis


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