Don’t forget the A.G.M. is on Wednesday 28th November at 7.00 p.m.  Please do your best to attend (or send apologies).  We still need nominations for the following posts:

  • Coaching Coordinator (to assist Ryan)
  • Sunday Captain
  • Midweek A Team (Wicklewood Shield) Captain

We are also looking to provide funding for anyone willing to obtain coaching qualifications and assist with junior coaching and are seeking volunteers to help on the ground or serve on our various sub-committees (Junior, Fundraising/Social, Pavilion)

To save time on the night the captains and other officers have submitted their 2018 reports in advance.  Those received so far are attached here:

AGM Agenda 2018

1st Team Report2018

A Team Report 2018

B Team Report 2018

C Team Report 2018

Junior Section Report 2018

Midweek A Team Report 2018

Income & Expenditure Summary_2018

2018_Coaching Report

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