HeadlinesA few website updates

A few website updates

You will hopefully now all notice changes starting to appear on the website in the form of fixes or partial fixes. the changes made so far are as follows:

1. Meet the members – This section previously did not show any images on the homescreen, this has now been resolved.

2. Jargon after headlines – Previously at the end of each news item was a short piece of ‘code' – this has now been replaced with the ‘Read more'

3. Teams Menu – I have now adjusted the teams menu to show each of our teams with their own page. These pages contain the fixtures and match reports. Some of these are now fully functioning with the 2017 fixtures, the rest are in progress.

4. Live League Tables – I have managed to get the B & C Team tables partially working, the others are still work in progress.

5. Menu changes – A number of the older menu items have been changed, for example the ‘resources & downloads' section now resides in the ‘About' section.

6. User Accounts – Around 3,000 unknown user acounts have now been removed from the system and the site has been locked down to resgitered users. New users will need to request an account to be created.

I am working on more fixes and hoping to get the site at least fully operational and up to date by the start of the season. Once this has been acheived and the site is stable for a period of weeks, I will then look at updating it so that items such as league tables, fixtures and stats will be available directly from “play-cricket” on our site.


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We are based at Melton Park in the grounds of Melton Hall

Address – Hall Road, Great Melton, NR9 3BJ

Two Pitches, Two Lane Modern Net,
Main Pavillion with Male, Female and Umpire Changing Rooms, Toilets, Bar, Kitchen, Parking.

Roll-On Covers, Wooden Sightscreens, Electronic Scoreboard, Fully Enclosed Pitch

We welcome visitors, families and dogs.

There is ample parking, refreshments, snacks, gorgeous views and fantastic cricket available all season.