Dear Friends, associated & Members!

Some of you may be aware that I have been working in the background on sponsorship opportunities for the club in order to raise more funds so that its not the players who continually put their hands in their pockets to help run the club. I would like local businesses to use us as a mechanism to get their name forward and in turn provide sponsorship to the club.

As such I have put together the following booklet which it would be great for you all to read and help in anyway you can – even if its forwarding onto someone you know who might be interested or the company you work for.

Great Melton Cricket Club Sponsors Package 2018

We have already secured a Main club sponsor (full details will follow) and I am looking for more. It would be great to see Melton Park surrounded with advertising boards for local businesses. The booklet isnt exhaustive so if there is any other way that someone would like to help with raising funds for the club please get in touch.

Any questions, feel free to call/text/email me and I will happily assist.

Looking forward to floods of requests to sponsor!


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