When the Executive Committee met recently Grenville reported that he had received very few subscriptions so far, despite several reminders  Subs are really due on January 1st but, although we don’t expect them to be in by then, we do expect them to be paid by the start of the season which is only 2 weeks away. The full senior sub is £35 while 16-18s, students and those unemployed pay £17.50.  Juniors pay £5 with a further £25 if they attend coaching (there are discounts for those parents with a lot of cricketing youngsters!).  Junior fees can be paid to Andy Cameron at the first coaching session.

The club faces a huge amount of expenditure in the run-up to the season and, with little income being generated during that period,  funds are running low. We rely on players paying their subs promptly and last season this was certainly the case! Many of you have committed to the club by signing a registration form so now you need you to pay your sub. Please send a cheque asap to Grenville Ireland, give subs to Steve Phoenix or Andy Cameron to pass on, or pay by bank transfer.  Remember that until subs are paid, you are not a full member of the club, not covered by insurance, not allowed to drink at the bar and may be behind others who have paid when it comes to selection!

New Kit

Many of you ordered kit through Kim Stearman but did not pay up front. The club doesn’t want to be faced with a large bill once the kit arrives in the next week or two so please send Kim a cheque as soon as possible so that it can be cleared before we have to pay Wintech.

Raising the Standard Project

Finally, on the subject of finances, we have recently submitted an application to Sport England for a Inspired Facilities Grant towards a project called ‘Raising the Standard’ which is aiming to improve the quality of our practice facilities by installing a new three-bay net facility. The total required for this will be between £40,000-£48,000. Even if we are successful in obtaining a grant we will probably have to contribute some ourselves. We are hoping to establish a small fundraising committee specifically for this project. David Bunn, Richard Mawby, Celia Phoenix, Taryn Woolrich and Martyn Cook have already agreed to be on it but if there are any other willing volunteers with some good ideas or experience of raising funds elsewhere, please let the Chairman know.

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