GREAT MELTON U15s beat TOPCROFT U15s by 97 runs at Topcroft in the South Norfolk Community League

The under 15’s with many players resting on the beaches around Europe, saw a young side travel to Topcroft and were asked to bat by the opposition. Michael Farmer and Craig Woolrich both played assured innings against a hard working Topcroft attack and crafted an unbeaten 162 from their 16 overs Craig finishing with a personal best 72 not out and Michael 54 not out.

When Melton took to the field Craig Attewell and Matt Rennie produced a steady opening spell but it was the change bowlers of Alex Rennie and Rob Smith who really put the brakes on the Topcroft reply with combined figures of 6-3-16-4 including a spell of 15 dot balls and 3 wickets. Hadi Kashif and Connor Stearman then bowled with accuracy and control to remove 2 more batsmen, one to  a good catch by Rob Smith before Matt Rennie returned to claim the last wicket as Melton won by 99 runs. It was a vastly improved bowling performance with only 11 extras compared to the 47 in the previous game

Great Melton U15

M Farmer 54 not out, C Woolrich 72 not out, extras 36. TOTAL 162-0 (G Nolan 3-1-16-0, J Balderstone 3-0-31-0, O Farmer 2-0-22-0, A Haddingham 3-0-23-0, C Ellis 2-0-22-0, R Ellis 2-0-26-0, H Clarke 1-0-9-0)

Topcroft U15s

J Balderstone lbw R Smith 16, G Nolan, B A Rennie 13, A Todd not out 15, A Haddingham B A Rennie 0, C Ellis B A Rennie 4, O Farmer B C Stearman 1, R Ellis c R Smith B H Kashif 3, H Clarke B M Rennie 0, Extras 11 TOTAL 63  (C Attewell 2-0-14-0, M Rennie 1.5, 0- 15-1, A Rennie, 3-1-11-3, R Smith 3-2-5-1, H Kashif, 3-0-11-1, C Stearman 2-0-7-1)

Report – Chris Brook

Thanks to Chris and Alan Farmer for overseeing the team to enable me to take the U11s.


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