Here’s where we stand chaps.

I explored some venues in Kent via Jon Moxon’s contacts but these did not yield anything. So I now plan to use Shire Sports as we have done in previous years.

The consensus from those interested in touring was that we wanted somewhere new, with a reasonable chance of some nightlife and for this to be in July or August. Having discussed options with Shire I have homed in on a Hampshire tour with us based in Southampton. We would travel on the morning of Sun 7 Aug, play games that day and the Monday and travel back on Tuesday.

So I now need a firm commitment with a £50 cheque payable to Great Melton Cricket Club and / or comments back to me on this proposal please. I will need to pay a deposit to Shire and to the coach company to make this happen and will do this once I have 14 people have paid. Thanks to all those who have paid already.

I will be at nets on Monday if you want to pay me then, otherwise send a cheque to me at 60 Highland Road Norwich NR2 3NW.

Thanks, Chris

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