Clarke-Steve-300x225Membership Secretary; Executive Committee & Finance, Ground & Pavilion Sub-Committee Member, Level 1 Coach, Left-hand batsman; Wicketkeeper

‘Peg’ first played for Melton on Sundays in 2001 but, having been a consistent opening batsman, originally for Loddon, then for Hingham, he finally decided to also play for Melton on Saturdays. A solid left-handed bat and regular A, B or C Team wicketkeeper for the last 9 years, he has been a great asset both on and off the pitch. At the start of 2017 Clarkey senior has made 286 appearances and scored 4849 runs at an average of 22.65, although he’s yet to register a century for Melton!  He’s also snaffled 208 victims behind the stumps (125 caught, 83 stumped).  He was C Team Player of the Year in 2011, 2012 and 2015 when he contributed 328 runs (Average 28) added to 17 dismissals. He once took 6-39 with his ‘dibbly-dobblers’ in a match at Belton as well as bowling one of the most memorable beamers in the history of the club at New Ifield on the 2002 tour. ‘Hit that f****r!’ has been a club catchphrase ever since. Steve was joint Clubman of the Year in 2002, is an ECB Level 1 coach – although he doesn’t do much coaching these days – and does a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes, stocking the bar, helping with all sorts of jobs at the ground and giving good advice as a member of the Finance Committee. For the last 4 years he has added Membership Secretary to his list of jobs. He is quite artistic and was disappointed when the green and white mottled effect he once created from paint and grass for the pavilion railings received the thumbs down from the ground committee. As one of the ‘old gits’ Clarkey senior is not just artistic with a paint brush. His pebble-dashed clothing normally betrays what he has eaten for his tea! He can be a bit of a numpty and his performance in his home town of Leicester where his navigational skills deserted him and he ended up in a hedge, was just one of many ‘daft’ things he can be relied upon to perform in order to keep us entertained. Another escapade, involving an icy road, a runaway dog and a plastic bag full of dog s**t could hardly be repeated…you would think… yet he’s had several more dog poo incidents since then and even, once, allowed his dog, Fudge, to participate in a church service in Colton!  One time he got into someone else’s car after filling up with petrol and wondered why his key wouldn’t fit and another ‘key’ incident saw him drive all the way home to Colton from Hingham as his wife Alison had been locked out only to discover he’d left the key in his jacket pocket – back in his office in Hingham!