2013_Mawby RichardGeneral Volunteer

Father of Marcus and Cassie, Richard is the sort of parent all clubs would wish to have.  If any help is required with anything, Richard is always quick to volunteer even though his job as a Project Director means he has to travel all over the country and is always very busy.  Having volunteered to serve on the Junior Committee, Richard was soon elected Secretary and he did a fine job, producing minutely detailed minutes and reminding us  to stay on task when we start to ramble – as we often do!  Richard is on the working party responsible for both the nets’ and the women’s toilets’ projects and is usually the one who obtains all the necessary ‘permissions’. He’s also always there on Cricketforce Day, Junior coaching nights and the Junior Festival or whenever Marcus or Cassie are playing when he often does the scoring.  Unfortunately the demands of work means that he has resigned from the Junior Committee but he’s likely to still be around in some capacity.