IMG_3320-300x225Social/Fundraising Sub-Committee Member; Right-hand batsman; Wicketkeeper (Occasional)

2017 will be Jason’s 17th season at Great Melton, having followed brother Lee to the club in 2001.  Having originally played for St.Andrews for many years,  Jason has proven to be one of Melton’s most consistent top-order batsman. He has now played 223 times, and has topped six thousand runs, scoring 6463 at an impressive average of 33.66.  That haul includes 5 centuries, 47 half-centuries and a top score of 111.  In 2011 he was instrumental in the A Team’s promotion, scoring 701 runs at an average of 58 to deservedly win the Player of the Year trophy but halfway through 2012 he was back in the First Team and has been there virtually ever since.   Melton’s Mr Consistency, scored 459 Alliance runs in 2012, 459 (again) for the 1st Team in 2013, 378 in 2014, 223 in 10 games in 2015 and 423 last season.  Jason previously worked in London but now works in Norwich and enjoys a much more relaxed family life with wife Siobhan and son, Louis.  It is rumoured that he now wears his cricket box when drinking, following a nasty accident, a few years ago, involving several pints of lager, a manhole and a delicate part of his anatomy.  A quiet lad with a dry sense of humour, he is one of the few to ‘room’ with the Chairman on tour more than once! He even claimed NOT to have heard him snoring – but then he had consumed large quantities of lager! Like brother Lee, Jason follows Norwich City and the Norfolk tradition of ‘du different’ thus incurring fines on tour for late arrival or failure to be properly dressed but he just seems to take everything in his stride.  When work and family commitments allow, Jason would like to be involved more with the coaching or social side of the club and is already on the Social & Fundraising Sub-Committee!  A good footballer in his prime, Jase has shown some of his silky skills in the young guns V old gits tour football matches. He’s also quite a useful wicketkeeper.