Please see below the links to our new club shops

Club kit Shop

For all of your club polo shirt, tracksuit, hoody, shorts, sleeveless & long sleeved jumpers, and cap needs! This is all branded so when you click on the kit the initial image will show the GMCC branding. The exception being the caps as this doesnt show the image, however they are branded too. Usual lead time is 15 working days.

Bespoke Club Kit

If you need a new sponsored playing shirt both short and long sleeve here they are!

The bespoke shop can be open for 2 to 3 weeks (dates will be announced in advance), the minimum orders we need to be able to process them is 5. So we would need a minimum of 5 long sleeve and 5 short sleeve, orders can keep coming in until the shop closes. Once the shop closes, the orders will then be processed together and be delivered together to the club and distributed. These carry a much longer lead time as they are bespoke.