Hi All,

sorry for the delay in getting this out but the boozey squares draw was made after the 6 a side on June 24th.

The following numbers were drawn to people who were not present and the prizes allocated accordingly. They are now behind the bar for collection.

Square Name Prize
3 Bob White Wine
12 Jim Rice (M Rice) Shiraz
22 Bob Famous Grouse
34 Deb Conway Cabernet Savignon
40 Laura Cook PT/Massage Voucher
50 Neil Sutton Cava
64 Will Dyer Beer selection
71 Buzz White Wine
78 Sharron Leverett PT/Massage Voucher
129 Sarah Cheal Sparkling Wine
146 Matt Merlot
152 Deb Conway Fizz
156 Bernie B Sav Blanc
159 Debbie PT/Massage Voucher
160 Will Dyer Sav Blanc
219 Ben Johnson Candle
250 Ben Carding Brut

Thanks to everyone who supported this by donating prizes, selling squares and buying squares.

GMCC Fundraising.

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